Deborah Kecskemethy - Fotografin


Fascinating: two first names - originating from her birth place in Nebraska, USA and two last names - acquired by marriage and originally Hungarian. An intriguing story in itself, but not the subject here! more...

Oldenburger Nachrichten, May 23rd 1997

...Yesterday the second International Art Exhibition "Nord Art" was opened in the Weser-Ems-Halle.40 artists are showing their works more...

WAZ, Oct. 1996

Ladies' Fashion
"History and stories of fashion and clothes in the course of time" - an exhibition showing the influence of fashion particularly on women. more...

WAZ, June 1996

... Duisburger Freiheit.
An Exhibition in the Cubus Art Gallery. 18 free-lance artists out of 40 applicants were chosen in Duisburg for an art exhibition. more...

WAZ, September 1994

Photo Exhibition in the Community Centre

Born in 1964, Deborah Kecskemethy started taking snap shots just for fun when she was 12 years old and so discovered photography. more...

Der Weg, Duisburg 1994

Heroines, in the Hebrew Scriptures and Today,
Deborah Kecskemethy chose the title "Heroines" for the portraits in this exhibition. With these portraits Deborah compares the lives and appearances of Biblical woman with women today.
WAZ, June 16th, 1993

International Women Exhibit.

Artists were invited to show their work and give information right on
location. more...
WAZ Duisburg,
May 18th, 1992

...At the beginning of the year several artists were invited to a competition
financed through North Western Germany with a sum of DM 10.000.more...

Duisburger Stadtpost,
May 16th, 1992

Even though each artist has a different handwriting, the visitors of this opening at the Cubus Hall experienced an atmosphere of great harmony and beauty. The exhibiting artists are: Kecskemethy, Ambs, Bauschlinger, Hoffmann and Fekete. more...

Duisburger Journal, September 1992

...Selected works of five artists covered different fields of fine art - photography, installation, sculpture and painting.
The 30pages catalogue was prepared in close cooperation with the artists and galerist Claudia Schäfer.